Yoga Therapy is the practice of, “empowering individuals towards improved health and well-being through the philosophy and practice of Yoga.” Yoga therapy has been proven effective when used on its’ own and in conjunction with traditional allopathic modalities to address a wide range of conditions – from chronic pain and stress to mental illness and addictions.

It encompasses techniques which include asana (physical forms), pranayama (breath practices), mudras (therapeutic hand gestures), meditation, body awareness and relaxation exercises. Whether deepening an already existing practice, establishing a practice for the first time or working to address specific health issues, yoga can encompass the needs of the individual throughout a lifetime.

I have been working with clients since 2007 and will design a practice to meet and grow with your specific needs. All sessions emphasize choice, safety and do not include hands-on adjustments. I recommend that clients continue their personal health routine as suggested by their doctor or medical professional and/or seek out the support of a qualified psychotherapist while accessing my services.

The most important factor for successful Yoga therapy is to connect with someone who makes you feel comfortable and safe. I offer a free 15-minute no cost/no obligation phone consultation to assist you in determining if I am the right Yoga Therapist for you.

PAY AS YOU GO (1st session 90 min) $120.00
FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS (60 min) $95.00

PRACTICE BUILDER PACKAGE (1.5 months – 6 sessions) $550.00
A comprehensive therapeutic trauma sensitive yoga package which includes breathing practices, grounding techniques and physical forms tailored to support you in exploring body-based tools for self-regulation and resilience. By the end of these sessions you will have a home practice that you can use as a resource throughout your lifetime.

Assessment & Discovery: Upon booking a session you will receive an intake email which includes the logistics for the sessions and intake questions. This includes inquiring into and assessing your health history, current treatments and medications, current physical, mental and emotional condition, and your health and wellness goals.

Psycho-education: We will Focus on the yogic and allopathic perspectives of trauma and the body in order to gain a deeper understanding of how yoga works as an adjunct to other therapies. There will also be an exploration of how the nervous system can be impacted through breath and physical forms to support well-being and resilience.

Practice Builder I: You will be provided with an illustrated, customized home practice tailored to meet your unique needs. You may choose to record the practice portion of our session to assist you at home. Each customized practice is tailored to suit your specific needs, capabilities, goals, and life circumstances. You can also access 3 different Fine Balance Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes with me anytime to support your home practice on YOGO.TV.

Practice Builder II: We will keep working together to continue to explore and refine your personalized practice.

Follow-Up: Throughout this process, you will have email access to me to check in with any questions, concerns or personal feedback. Depending on your needs, we will revise and update your personal practice on an ongoing basis. The tools and insights you gain during our sessions will support you in feeling more grounded, connected and at ease in your own body.

$48.00 will be charged for a cancellation without 24 hours notice. Office located at 15th & Main St., Vancouver, BC.

“It means a great deal to me that you have journeyed with me through some hard relational challenges, been honest with me, allowed me to be honest with you, and stuck with me and this process…. I have learned a lot about my body from you, about trauma, about releasing, about awareness, but also a lot about how to be in relationship, how to communicate, how to connect with others, what I need, what is important to me, the importance of being honest and myself, and being able to really hear from others. Thank you for offering yourself to me to be the vehicle through which I can practice relationship and learn about myself, my body, and yoga. It really means a lot to me and I appreciate you.”
– Private Client, 2015


“Nicole has worked with me one on one, doing therapeutic yoga. She is knowledgeable, patient and creative as a teacher and therapist. She is attentive to all my physical limitations and has improved my flexibility and strength tremendously. She is committed to excellence in all of her practice. It has been a joy to work with her.”
– Jurhee Zimmerman, R.N. B.Sc.N., M.Ed., Executive and Team Coach